Dec 05

My composting worms in Alaska are amazing! A photo of a cocoon “hatching”!

This is the second time I have been lucky enough to see this.  I was sorting through some of my worm castings (vermicompost) when I stumbled upon this cocoon.  From experience, I know that the darker the cocoon is, the closer it is to hatching.  Red wigglers produce cocoons that start out a pale yellow color, far the cocoon darkens as the baby worms inside develop.

Every day is truly a joy with my composting worms in Alaska, but this sure made it even more special.  Just as I picked up this cocoon, two baby red wigglers started to emerge at the same time!  I quick took a couple pictures and one short video.  I didn’t want to hurt the new red wigglers by exposing them to too much light or dry conditions, so back in my worm bin they went!

It really is satisfying to know that I am keeping trash out of the landfill, producing great compost, and helping others do the same.  But it is an extra special feeling to witness new life.  My composting worms in Alaska are healthy and happy and ready to help do their part!

Hope you like this picture!

Here are two baby red wigglers emerging from their cocoon! Note the dark color of the cocoon. The baby red wiggler worms are nearly clear with just a hint of red when they are first “born.” My composting worms in Alaska are ready to get to work!

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